What lessons must the NHSX learn from COVID-19

There are about 10 contractors and 20 Digital, Data and Technology (DDAT) professionals in the Digital Transformation team at the NHSX and their goal is to understand their users and what problems are trying to be solved. The digital team at the NHSX assures digital spend across the health sector and due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they have had to increase their capability to respond to the crisis effectively.

Different cells have been created within the NHSX team to divide the Covid work. Some of these cells include Scaling, App, People, Data and clinical. The Digital Transformation team has been executing rapid design research to improve services and products and have been focusing their time and resources on the Clinical and VISC cells on things like food and pharmacies, antibody testing, connectivity and devices for care homes.

The Digital Team will be focusing on carrying out a design research project on their team as a service, and their problem statement is the following:

“How might we respond better in future health crises? What can we learn from this experience that will help us in the ‘new normal’ post COVID?”

They want to identify:

  • • What went well, what didn’t go well and how they can improve on these various aspects
  • • The needs of the Digital Transformation team, project stakeholders and senior leaders of the NHSX need to be identified and addressed.
  • • What assurance processes need to be changed to support new models
  • • Identify new approaches and models to test and refine

The NHSX want to improve as a team and learn as much as possible to effectively improve the experience for end-users across the health sector. The response to users’ needs must be iterative, rapid and needs to follow best practice.

There are various things the team is looking to find out. Some of these things include what emotions senior leader and team leaders have felt, what has helped people feel fulfilled and the reasons why and what frustrations and challenges the team has felt. Identifying these aspects of the fight against COVID-19 will give them an action plan to do things differently and improve in conditions and outcomes so that the team will work more efficiently while maintaining healthy mental well-being.

The team will also be able to develop the uptake of compliant and valid technology. The ways in which these goals will be achieved can be divided into 3 rounds. The rounds will be held with Senior leaders, then the Digital Transformation Team and lastly with the NHSX project stakeholders. In-depth interviews will be held, workshops will be provided, and anonymous surveys will be conducted.

The findings of these investigations will bring clarity and improve many aspects of the NHSX in the health sector, ensuring the best possible procedures and services will be offered to the public.

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